What can we expect from Wii for 2016?

Right now I can’t wait for 2016’s person indication in the movie or the year but the most recent indication comes from two times a website that covers the semi-conductor supply industry in Taiwan and china Lawrence. Wii console schedule planner mass production at the end of q1 2016, on top of that the company is reportedly chosen Fox Conn industry company to handle mass production of the as yet unannounced. Making a big bets on this console to digitize reports that Nintendo’s internal targets are 20 million units in 2016. Even though they see Nintendo suppliers are more realistic and they say they’re probably only going to ship about 10 to 12 million units that shipment not sold by the way right so they’re just want to get these in stores.

They want a lot of them right this is pretty big news in a few different ways first off the ship numbers are completely insane but we’ll get to that second aside from that there is further evidence that nintendo is targeting a holiday 26 users data. The released for the next console mostly it’s just looking at the time table its intense consoles entering mass production in three months or so that means the hardware spec is basically locked at this point that makes sense. For console coming up in about a year and if it were coming out in late 2017 locking the hardware so early would preclude any possible savings they could get by using cheaper faster and more efficient components that would. More information will be posted soon, but for now you can also get to use Dofus Touch generator available for all platform.

Aside with the center of mass production for six months would give them the stock they need to sell in holiday 2016 the console releases or holiday 2017. Millions of potential consoles would sit in a warehouse somewhere not generating revenue or market share so not now back to the other but they want to take it you have 20 million units is insane for a first production run and even 10 million is pretty aggressive. Nintendo’s targeting more than double the PlayStation force worldwide sales in the same time . she’s a little crazy and that’s even the conservative estimate of 10 million if they’re going 20 that’s just a ridiculous amount of inventory right. Even the Nintendo Wii which had a phenomenal breakout holiday only sold 6.2 million in its first year on the market so that’s holiday two thousand six and two thousand seven but that might be the whole point. Remember all the way back to two thousand six the Wii was a cultural phenomenon it was the holiday gift to get the point when Nintendo face massive supply shortages and couldn’t keep up.

Skin Color Under the Sun — The Science Behind

When ultraviolet sunlight hits our skin, it affects each of us a little differently. Depending on skin color, it will take only minutes of exposure to turn one person beetroot-pink, while another requires hours to experience the slightest change.

So what’s to account for that difference and how did our skin come to take on so many different hues to begin with? Whatever the color, our skin tells an epic tale of human intrepidness and adaptability, revealing its variance to be a function of biology. It all centers around melanin, the pigment that gives skin and hair its color. This ingredient comes from skin cells called melanocytes and takes two basic forms.

There’s eumelanin, which gives rise to a range of brown skin tones, as well as black, brown, and blond hair, and pheomelanin, which causes the reddish browns of freckles and red hair. But humans weren’t always like this. Our varying skin tones were formed by an evolutionary process driven by the Sun. In began some 50,000 years ago when our ancestors migrated north from Africa and into Europe and Asia.

These ancient humans lived between the Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn, a region saturated by the Sun’s UV-carrying rays. When skin is exposed to UV for long periods of time, the UV light damages the DNA within our cells, and skin starts to burn. If that damage is severe enough, the cells mutations can lead to melanoma, a deadly cancer that forms in the skin’s melanocytes.

Sunscreen as we know it today didn’t exist 50,000 years ago. So how did our ancestors cope with this onslaught of UV? The key to survival lay in their own personal sunscreen manufactured beneath the skin: melanin. The type and amount of melanin in your skin determines whether you’ll be more or less protected from the sun.

This comes down to the skin’s response as sunlight strikes it. When it’s exposed to UV light, that triggers special light-sensitive receptors called rhodopsin, which stimulate the production of melanin to shield cells from damage. For light-skin people, that extra melanin darkens their skin and produces a tan.

Over the course of generations, humans living at the Sun-saturated latitudes in Africa adapted to have a higher melanin production threshold and more eumelanin, giving skin a darker tone. This built-in sun shield helped protect them from melanoma, likely making them evolutionarily fitter and capable of passing this useful trait on to new generations. But soon, some of our Sun-adapted ancestors migrated northward out of the tropical zone, spreading far and wide across the Earth.

The further north they traveled, the less direct sunshine they saw. This was a problem because although UV light can damage skin, it also has an important parallel benefit. UV helps our bodies produce vitamin D, an ingredient that strengthens bones and lets us absorb vital minerals, like calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphate, and zinc. Without it, humans experience serious fatigue and weakened bones that can cause a condition known as rickets.

For humans whose dark skin effectively blocked whatever sunlight there was, vitamin D deficiency would have posed a serious threat in the north. But some of them happened to produce less melanin. They were exposed to small enough amounts of light that melanoma was less likely, and their lighter skin better absorbed the UV light.

So they benefited from vitamin D, developed strong bones, and survived well enough to produce healthy offspring. Over many generations of selection, skin color in those regions gradually lightened. As a result of our ancestor’s adaptability, today the planet is full of people with a vast palette of skin colors, typically, darker eumelanin-rich skin in the hot, sunny band around the Equator, and increasingly lighter pheomelanin-rich skin shades fanning outwards as the sunshine dwindles.

Therefore, skin color is little more than an adaptive trait for living on a rock that orbits the Sun. It may absorb light, but it certainly does not reflect character.

Meto — Not Your Ordinary Heater

Everyone around the world loves a cup of hot tea and so do we. But there’s a problem the electric kettle everyone always overflows and heating excess water and wasting energy.

Research proves that one day of extra energy was from overfilling electric kettles it’s enough to light all the streetlights in England for night. With Meto we set out to solve this problem. Me too only heats as much water as you need and the vessel of your choice.

Simply fill your cup with water place it onto the induction base and immerse the rod in the liquid the base then heats the disc of the rod which heats the liquid surrounding. It giving you the exact amount of hot water you wanted we focused on a simple and elegant design that is intuitive to use.

To adjust to your needs you can eat milk for a hot chocolate, to warm up the food for your baby, are you having guests over no problem. Just prepare an entire teakettle for everyone to share.

It start is a graduation project and now a year-and-a-half later we have a working prototype. we have been working endlessly on the design and the user experience and the electronics revolutionize how the liquids will be heated in the future over the course of last few months we want multiple innovation and design awards and thousands of people reached out to us asking.

now our next chapter begins and we need your support it’s time to be gearing up for manufacture and that requires huge resources meters a small product but with the big impact imagine the positive change we could make if everybody’s start using Meto. so let’s leave a mark in this world even if it’s just a scratched.

The Evil Pilot on the Go

I believe there’s a plot against me. It’s not by the government. It’s not by my boss, co-workers or family. It’s not by little fairy people who come to visit me in my sleepy dream world. Nope. It’s videogames. The videogames have a plot against me. They want to drive me insane.

You may think I sound paranoid, but this plot is as real as Pokemon is evil. In the back of my mind I’ve known this was happening, but I never quite put it together until the other day. Let me explain.

The other day I came home from a long day of goofing off at work to do some more goofing off at home. I threw Soul Calibur into my Dreamcast, turned the system on and sat back ready to break bones and rend flesh. At first things were going just as I wanted them to. I was kicking so much ass my foot was turning brown. I had my opponent on the ropes. His life was ebbing away. He had no hope of coming back. Then it happened. The game shifted itself into cheating mode. My opponent came back from the brink of death and delivered a combination of blows that made my character look like Rosie O’Donnell doing Tae-Bo while hopped up on crack… and underwater.

Now, some could say that I simply suck at the game, but that’s not it. The simple fact of the matter is that these games cheat. What’s worse is that they specifically cheat against me. It’s a plot to make me go mad. And it’s working.

I had a friend over to play NFL 2K a while ago. I picked him specifically because I knew I could beat him and probably make him cry as an added bonus. Our teams took the field, and I took charge. I couldn’t be stopped. It was like I was acne and he was an oily teenage face. I crushed his defense, shut down his offense and laughed all the while. But just as he was on the verge of tears, the plot against me kicked in. His team started making impossible interceptions, receiving passes that were beyond hope of catching and tackling my QB more times than Monica Lewinsky visited the Oval Office.

I’m not saying it’s limited to videogames. It’s all games. Pinball, pool, bowling, ping-pong. Even Old Maid, the easiest game imaginable, forces me to lose. But it’s the videogames that really get me. It’s like they’re watching me, waiting for the one moment when I start to feel comfortable just so they can watch all my outrage as I lose for no good reason.

My friends don’t believe me, mostly because when I tell them to play a game with me to watch how the games cheat, that game doesn’t cheat. I tested this with Hydro Thunder. Since all my friends think I’m insane I was forced to find someone else to play with. It cost me eight dollars, a pack of yellow Peeps and my collection of Britney Spears photos, but I finally got a neighborhood kid into my house. We sat down and played. I won the first game hands down. I won the second game without even trying. The third game I played using only my feet to control the boat… and I still won!

I’ll admit things got a little out of hand when I couldn’t lose no matter how hard I tried. Obscenities I’d never heard before flew from my mouth. Chairs and tables flew around my house. Little children cowered in fear from my rampage. The neighborhood kid escaped just fine though. And when they let me out of the mental institution, I felt much better.

But you see my problem. It’s the games. Evil Pilot on the go is a game that can never compare to the madness that SimCity Buildit hack has made over at simcitybuildithack.net. They want to drive me insane. I don’t know why they chose me. I don’t know what I ever did to anger them. I don’t know why it always goes so wrong when it shouldn’t. But I do know that the plot is real, and it will one day drive me completely over the edge. I can’t even stop playing the games because I feel that the answer is hidden there somewhere. I must play to find the truth.

So now you know my dilemma. I’ve written this in hope that someone out there can help me. Perhaps you know someone who knows someone whose sister has a goldfish that once belonged to someone who had a similar situation. If so, please let me know. Otherwise I feel the men in the white coats will be coming for me very soon. And all because the videogames want to see me go crazy. It’s just not right.

When Hollywood Plays Video Game – The Result?

Hollywood strutted out its best and brightest last night for the 230th (or something) annual Academy Awards! And I was there to capture the PC-related action for this, the PC section  — yeah, those damn Showbiz people won’t even talk to me.

Anyway! I was there to check out all of the wonderful game-related properties that were nominated for Academy Awards! But I soon found there weren’t any. They wouldn’t even let me into the show.

Not to worry, I have a vivid imagination. So without further ado (we don’t want this thing to run long) let’s take a trip down memory lane with an overly long and rather pointless film montage — excuse me — HAY DAY montage on the relationship between videogaming and Hollywood through the ages. Some are games or concepts from computers that were made into films, but most were films that inspired games; almost all didn’t do the job well.

O.k., we’re off to a grand start here. Very nostalgic, but the Phil Collins music really doesn’t seem appropriate. Anyway, the first clip is Star Wars! Now that one made for some great games, once, a long time ago…. Ahem… next we have Star Trek: The Motion Picture (and all the sequels). Ah, remember all the great games made from Trek? Me neither… Ah… David Warner in a big red suit, this one is definitely Tron, a movie that had more to do with bizarre fantasy and neon costumes than with the dominant machine language programming of the time. It made for some great arcade games though, didn’t it? Hey! Is that Matthew Broderick there making a Hay Day of a mistake? Ah, here a kid who is really good at videogames like Hay Day is being recruited by aliens to save the universe?! Yes! That would be The Last Starfighter, wouldn’t it? Next we have what looks like… Wow! The debate may forever rage as to whether or not Dennis Hopper successfully captured the true depth that is King Koopa! Personally, I still see Anthony Hopkins in the role, ah what could have been…. Ah, the Lawnmower Man, is Brosnan still embarrassed? Hmmm, some guy with green painted skin and wild red hair, and is that (the late) Raul Julia? Oh, there’s Van Damme. Must be that Street Fighter movie…. Oh, this one looks slightly better, dig that soundtrack too. “Only one can win”? Mortal Kombat! Hmmm… Mortal Kombat 2? 3? Hey! Those are dinosaurs, and that’s Jurassic Park! Ah, where would we be without that Trespasser game?

A gloried history isn’t it? Almost makes you wish they’d make the rumored Heavy Gear, Tomb Raider and Doom films already, doesn’t it? Me neither. Now, here’s a look at what the year 1999 had to offer!

They finally made a Hay Day movie! It took them a little over a year really, but it was worth the wait wasn’t it? But why wasn’t Ash nominated? Well, duh, Ash didn’t make the cut for the same reason Woody and Buzz weren’t nominated, stupid. They’re too short! You must be taller than the statue. I mean, that Osment kid barely made the cut this year.

Next we have that LucasFilm extravaganza. I think I enjoyed camping out the night it was released more than the memory of the film. Hmmm, did they make games based on The Phantom Menace? Oh yes, they did. Racer was pretty good actually, but the self-titled Adventure game was extremely weak. Also you couldn’t kill Jar Jar Binks, so it was a total wash for me.

Next we had South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, which is a brilliant riff on the ESRB, er…. I mean the MPAA and the stupidity of censorship and labeling. I still maintain that all children, adults and household pets should be kept as far away from all of the Acclaim South Park games as possible.

Terminal Reality is using the Nocturne engine to make a game out of The Blair Witch Project, which is probably going to result in a game that plays about as well as Nocturne did. Thankfully, the game engine is capable of rendering small piles of stone, tent interiors, basement corners and bundled sticks extremely well. All it needs is shaky HAY DAY.

1999 saw one of the better computer-related flicks reach theaters. So, what is Hay Day hack anyway? Well, one thing it isn’t is a licensed video game property. This is fairly ironic, because there probably hasn’t been a film that better captured exactly why gamers play action games to begin with. We all want to be techno-superman good guys who can kill with impunity but also completely without remorse (or the need for remorse). What is a 3D shooter at its core but the line: “We need guns, lots of them”? What is an RPG but the fulfillment of heroic potential? What we need are more games as fully realized as this film. What we do not need is a crappy Matrix computer game, however. That would hurt an awful lot.

1999 also saw the most horrific “videogame movie” come out. It saw a venerable game series come to life in celluloid. It saw the release of a creator’s vision (which was incidentally based mostly on someone else’s vision). Yes, I’m talking about the much-anticipated Wing Commander movie. Probably the funniest thing about the Wing Commander movie is the old quote from creator Chris Roberts about how he thought that making WC into a film would be easier than making it into a game.

He turned out to be dead wrong. Most of the games are memorable classics; the film is a barely-worth-remembering mess. Mostly this is due to a terrible script and poor direction. But worse, it makes the viewer/gamer feel silly. Goofy-bad actor Matthew Lillard and sexy-but-totally-unbelievable actress Saffron Burrows spout cliches in the audience’s general direction, while Freddie Prinze actually makes you pine for the inspired acting range of Mark Hamill (who played Prinze’s character, Blair, in the games). Decent character actors like Jurgen Prochnow and David Warner are given nothing at all to work with, especially when the Kilrathi space cats first appear (80% through the film). It turns out that space cats, while somehow acceptable in game format, look really silly on a big Hollywood screen.

Translating a compelling game into a movie isn’t as easy as one would think. It gets even odder when you consider the properties that get picked for the job. Usually it’s popular arcade fare like Mario or Street Fighter. I mean, wouldn’t a mature “inspired by the game” version of Half-Life be a more engrossing concept than the shallow Doom or the upcoming animated version of the lame-as-could-be Sin? Half-Life, at least, has a compelling plot to base things off of. Do you think the upcoming Tomb Raider flick will be reminiscent of Raiders of the Lost Ark, or will it remind you of that awful Alan Quartermain film that starred Sharon Stone and Richard Chamberlain? You know, the one that they keep showing on the USA network? History suggests the latter.